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Don't Leave Money on the Table

Connect with your Current Customers

Your current customers are already holding conference calls, launching webinars, streaming events and meeting remotely with customers and employees.  But, you're not getting paid on that revenue!  Let PGi help you go back to your existing customers, offer them a world-class webinar platform and deliver great commissions every time they do a call, webinar or virtual event.

PGi partners get high-quality email marketing campaigns and capture more revenue and commissions from your customers.

Your campaigns are ready!  Click Conduct from your member dashboard

Open a Campaign

We've done the work for you.  Open  a campaign and get  4 outbound emails branded with your contact information.

Add You Contacts

Upload the list of people you want to receive your emails.  Lists are locked up so nobody but you can access them.

Customers Sign Up

Each campaign comes with your branded sign-up page.  Customers respond and you can sign them up.