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5 Tips to Turn Your Physical Event Virtual

Posted by on May 11, 2020 7:39 am

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Countless conferences, town halls, sales kick offs and investor meetings have been cancelled, postponed or transformed all over the world and across all industries due to the coronavirus crisis. In lieu of cancelation, many companies are turning to virtual events. Before you cancel your upcoming event, consider converting the in-person aspect to a live streaming webcast.

By simply rethinking your event strategy, you can provide the content your attendees want to hear, but in a way that’s safe for everyone involved. A webcast lets you stream video to thousands of attendees and still allows you to manage Q&A and have a meaningful virtual discussion. Here are a few tips to ensure your virtual event is successful.

1. Protect access to your event with a password.

Looking to stream an event to an exclusive, select group? Did you know you can password-protect an online webcast? Whether you need to restrict access due to confidential information being shared or want to only provide access to paying attendees, you can easily control who attends your webcast by requiring a password at registration and login.

2. Use pre-recorded video to your advantage.

Allowing speakers to pre-record their presentations can help ensure your event goes smoothly. The content can be played simulated live, meaning that attendees won’t realize they are watching a pre-recorded video. Plus, once the pre-recorded video is finished, speakers can manage Q&A live.

3. Make sure video is in HD.

Speaking of video, HD video can be a huge asset when converting in-person events to virtual. With HD video, you’ll be providing the highest quality virtual presentation available to attendees. Your attendees won’t feel like they are missing out on anything. In fact, HD video can often provide a better viewing experience than sitting in a large ballroom with hard-to-see angles.

4. Record your event.

Recorded events are an added benefit of webcasting. When done correctly, virtual events can provide content that lasts all year long. You’ll be able to leverage recordings for event records or to distribute to attendees after the event is over. Attendees with proper credentials can view sessions and content on demand.

5. Get rich insights from post-event analytics.

Virtual events can provide rich insights that in-person events just can’t. After your event is over, you’re able to drill down into analytics reports to understand engagement levels. Gain even more insights by including a post-event survey immediately after the webcast is over. You no longer have to wait to create and send a survey via email. You can cut out multiple steps prompt users to complete the survey after the webcast stream ends, which will help improve your survey response rate too.

The shift to virtual events

While many businesses are looking more closely at virtual events because of the pandemic, there are benefits to transitioning in-person events to webcasts beyond just safety. Webcasting reduces travel costs and the hassle of traveling for business. In addition, the cost of an in-person event is inherently more expensive. With in-person events, you have to take into consideration venue costs, staffing and food, which all impact cost of admission. A virtual event is a fraction of the cost, which you could then pass on to attendees and increase your audience base.

Ready to convert your in-person event to a virtual event? We can help with GlobalMeet Webcast. Contact us for more information about our managed events and how we can host your specific event.

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5 Tips to Turn Your Physical Event Virtual

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