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5 Ways to Bond as a Remote Team

Posted by on May 11, 2020 7:43 am

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Even with traditional in-office environments, quality team bonding isn’t easy. Virtual teams can face even more challenges when getting to know their co-workers more deeply, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Here are a few ideas to encourage bonding as a remote team.

1. Themed Group Chats

It’s inevitable that employees will use the company’s chat app to discuss things that aren’t work-related. This should be encouraged by guiding conversations toward topics the whole team can enjoy.

Try creating dedicated channels for fun topics, such as:

  • Pet photos — everyone loves to share their fur-babies!
  • Kudos — give your co-workers a shout-out for professional and personal accomplishments
  • Humor — a place for comedic relief with funny quotes, pictures, and anecdotes
  • Food — encourage sharing new recipes or mouthwatering photos

2. Revolving Leadership

Taking ownership of team tasks can have a big impact. It also encourages healthy competition and helps individuals practice their leadership skills, even if they’re not managers.

Try assigning a rotating key point person for:

  • Leading the weekly virtual team meeting
  • Organizing an educational event or webinar
  • Giving a short talk or presentation about something the team member is passionate about

3. Virtual Teambuilding Sessions

    Many remote workers will admit to facing loneliness. Positive workplace friendships don’t just help combat loneliness; they’re also among the strongest predictors of productivity. This is why it is worth spending company time to build bonds between team members. Using video conferencing for planned team bonding can help; 87 percent of remote workers feel more connected to their teams when they can use video.

    Remote co-workers don’t always have a chance to bump into each other at the water cooler. But, sharing personal stories from a weekend or family outing helps employees find common ground. Try spending just a few minutes at the start of each meeting to get those personal updates.

    4. Remote Team "MTV Cribs"

    Help Scout pioneered this ingenious and hilarious video-based team activity by encouraging its team members to open up to each other by sharing their homes or offices with each other—over video conferencing. As a case study, Help Scout found their team members really enjoyed showing off their favorite rooms!

    5. Team News

    Especially if you have creative team members, consider inviting one of them to create a simple quarterly or monthly team newsletter. It could feature non work-related things like vacation photos or interesting articles, or it could be based on sharing industry trends. This will give a team more things to share and discuss as a group.

    Achieve Unity

    Effortless communication and deep collaboration are what makes remote teams successful. Finding an effective virtual meeting software, like GlobalMeet, ensures your team has everything needed for effective communication.

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