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Finding Success with Client Relations in a Hybrid Meeting World

Posted by on May 14, 2021 9:05 am

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Staying in touch with clients even when you can’t meet face-to-face and account-based marketing are vital to churn reduction in any economy. The pandemic brought unique business challenges to sales leaders and C-suite executives in businesses that rely on contract renewals for revenue.

A Price Waterhouse-Coopers survey of employees in consumer markets found that 94% believe customer service levels are as good as, or better than, before the start of the pandemic. Some companies are turning a negative into positive cash flow and churn reduction. Want to know how? They are employing account-based marketing for a more personalized approach, using technology to reach their customers at multiple touch points, and focusing on controlling the components they can control in a hybrid meeting world.

Provide Several Methods of Communication

When it comes time for contract renewals, salespeople would normally meet with clients face-to-face to create a deeper connection and foster a personal experience. In a hybrid meeting world, though, that is not always a possibility. Some customers prefer a more personal virtual experience with a video call, while others would rather have a simple phone call. And others just want you to shoot them a text message.

A big part of reducing churn is simply providing customers multiple means of communication and being available when they need you.

Identify the Warning Signs of Churn

If you’re keeping in touch with your customers through numerous methods, it won’t come as a surprise if a client fails to renew their contract or even cancels altogether. You might have seen it coming in the form of complaints, negative reviews, or even a lack of communication when you used to speak more regularly.

Identify the warning signs of churn, like negative feedback or lack of any feedback at all. Next, create a win-back opportunity and save the account before the client departs. Finally, don’t hold back in your account-based marketing campaign and pull out the stops to recreate that personal connection again.

Use Webcasts and Other One-to-Many Communications for Top of the Funnel Leads

From product launches to shareholder meetings, keeping front-of-mind can be as easy as using webcasts to include more people in your significant organizations’ events. Webcasts help you build client relationships in a streamlined and efficient way, meeting your customers where they are with the information they want.

Personalize your brand and the key individuals in your organization with a well-produced webcast. Interactive features, like Q&A, polling, and social media feeds, can take things to the next level and enhance audience engagement. Those loyal to your brand as well as new customers can get caught up in the excitement of webcasts as you use the platform to inform and educate your audience.

Raise the Bar on Video Conferences with Creative Meeting Ideas

In today’s hybrid world, a high-quality video conference can seamlessly take the place of dinner or drinks to forge more personal connections. Meetings can be made more fun just by establishing a theme.

Early morning meeting? Have donuts and coffee sent to your client’s home or office, which you can enjoy together on the call from your own remote locations. Or schedule a lunch meeting and have sub sandwiches delivered to your client. Thoughtfulness is always appreciated and remembered!

Of course, gimmicks don’t take the place of spectacular customer service, but interesting themed meetings can help you build and even deepen client relationships in a hybrid world. But don’t let technical difficulties get the best of you! Be sure you have state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions to stay in touch and maintain these magical client moments.

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