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Has the Events Industry Changed Forever with the Rise of Virtual Events?

Posted by on April 28, 2021 11:33 am

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the pandemic shook the events industry in 2020. However, its effects extend into 2021, with numerous in-person conferences and events being canceled.

Event professionals are now wondering what changes the industry will face in the coming months. What can they do to ensure continued growth for their events and business? How will they adapt to survive the endless in-person gathering restrictions?

The answer is clear: embrace virtual events.

Pivoting to Virtual Events in 2020 and Beyond

When the pandemic hit in 2020, individuals and businesses alike sought out video conferencing software to connect, host meetings, and stay keep sane.

The events industry adopted this same focus by directing their attention to virtual events to keep the industry going.

Instead of a large industry conference, brands can hold virtual events complete with engaging webcasts, live-streamed panel discussions, the use of virtual reality and augmented reality, and beyond.

Event Content + Attendee Interaction = Lead Generation

Of course, most businesses use conferences and events as a means for lead generation. But with the one-on-one in-person interactions long gone, the question remains as to how brands will generate future business from events?

The solution is to partner intriguing virtual event content with attendee interaction.

Audiences will want to learn more about the businesses that went above and beyond to provide thoughtful virtual content and interactions over the brands who offered the bare minimum.

Additionally, look for opportunities to follow-up after the event for further lead generation efforts.

Continuing Emphasis on Attendee Engagement

Pre-2020, attendee participation was just assumed. The opportunity to meet with vendors and attend panels was provided, but it was left up to the individual to interact with others.

Now, professionals in the events space must provide a variety of opportunities for attendees to participate in the virtual event. After all, no one wants to pay for a virtual event only to glaze over a screen all day.

The future of the events industry lies in virtual events that embrace engaging opportunities such as:

  • 1-on-1 video meetings with brands, influencers, and vendors alike
  • Interactive webcast features such as polling and Q&A
  • Joining the live stream to ask questions of the panelists
  • Engaging—but moderated—chat rooms with other attendees

Prepare Your Virtual Event for the Future

If you’re not starting with the right tools, you might end up with several disappointed attendees on your hands! Check out how our suite of video conferencing, online events, and webcasting tools can help your events team grow and thrive in a new events industry normal.

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