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Is Your Video Conferencing Secure?

Posted by on August 25, 2020 9:14 am

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    Today, the business community is hyper-aware of security risks as companies operate outside of traditional office space. And now that almost every meeting you host or attend is over video conferencing, the stakes are higher than ever.

    When looking at your data security, it’s important to look at more than just antivirus systems. Businesses need to review their virtual environment as a whole. So, just how secure is your video conferencing platform? How does your video conferencing provider treat your data, and how secure is the video conferencing software itself?

    PGi’s priorities align with their customer’s needs, and their roadmap reflects that. They recently increased webcams to support larger video meetings and have now delivered enhanced security features to limit meeting disruptions and protect against unwanted guests.

    PGi’s Approach to Security

    PGi places the utmost importance on security, and PGi customers can rest assured their data is secure. It’s PGi’s mission to provide reliable and secure video conferencing to millions worldwide.

    PGi understands the importance of data security and protection, and promises customers that they will never sell or rent data. PGi also adheres to industry best practices and global standards to ensure the security and integrity of their systems.

    PGi has a formal security program with a dedicated team that brings the proper industry-standard security controls to maintain security, confidentiality and availability. To ensure customer data is protected, PGi actively participates in security programs and holds the following certifications:

    • SOC 2 Type 2 Audit, which is performed every year and demonstrates adherence to privacy, security, availability, integrity and confidentiality criteria
    • Privacy Shield with the US Department of Commerce
    • TRUSTe certified for privacy practices, programs and policies

    PGi keeps their solutions secure, fast, responsive and reliable and create efficiencies through back-end service automation. The network, hardware, software, personnel and facilities are all optimized to protect the integrity of meetings.

    Enhanced GlobalMeet Collaboration Security Features Available to Users

    With more companies working from home and the increase in video conferencing usage, security has never been more paramount to PGi and their users worldwide.

    To help customers feel more secure during their meetings, PGi brought security features to the forefront of the meeting experience, making security more accessible and visible to hosts and participants. The new GlobalMeet Collaboration security menu has three key enhancements to help provide additional security to your meetings.

    Enable Waiting Room

    Often hosts and participants need to discuss sensitive or confidential topics. Meeting hosts can configure settings to pool meeting attendees into a virtual waiting room until the host admits them into the meeting. This is a great way to monitor who is coming into your meeting and gives you a chance to ensure your meeting is set up properly before guests enter.

    Lock Room

    Hosts can lock their meeting room to prevent anyone from joining a meeting in progress. Rest easy knowing the only people listening in are those on the attendee list – no video “bombers” welcome.

    Host Controls

    To protect your meetings and the information shared, you can restrict participant powers. For example, only allow those permitted to share their screen or presentations.

    These enhanced controls are available at the top right corner of your meeting room, indicated by a shield icon, for ease of use and so that meeting hosts can take immediate action if the need arises.

    PGi has powered virtual meetings and events for customers safely and reliably for nearly 30 years, helping people, teams and enterprises connect all over the world with advanced video conferencing. Never has this been more necessary than now as businesses worldwide have had to embrace work from home for the foreseeable future.

    For more information about PGi’s approach to security, please read their security statement.

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