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Making the Switch from a Large Physical Event to a Virtual One

Posted by on June 10, 2021 10:57 am

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If you’re just switching on some webcams and computer mics and hoping for the best when you’re transforming a real-world, physical event into a virtual webcast, you might want to think again. Now, it takes more than just having industry connections to host a physical event. The best promoters are those with networks with the webcast and communications companies who have the experience, knowledge, and technology to handle both the present and future of online events.

So, what keys are needed to successfully convert a large physical or hybrid event into a virtual webcast and keep audiences engaged at the same time?

Compelling Content is a Must

Just like in-person events, virtual events must also be filled with compelling content to have success. It’s important to have options when it comes to recording some of the content, plan for live segments, and keep it all interactive with polling and audience Q&As.

To make it easier to work around speaker schedules (and ensure high-quality content without big, time-consuming technical issues), think about creating pre-recorded elements.

And remember, content creation doesn’t only revolve around the programming on the day of your event. A virtual event portal that allows guests to access recordings after the event, check out previews of the program, and even engage with each other before, during, and after the event will help increase engagement and build excitement.

Interactive Events Have More Engagement

Bringing your large-scale, in-person events to the virtual world takes interactivity. Make sure the platform you choose has multiple options for your audience to communicate not just with presenters, but with each other as well.

Options like audience polling, chat rooms, Q&As, and live-streamed content all create engagement for audience members and bring your event to life. You can even think about having some audience members on-screen with you to keep others on their toes; audience members will understand they might be called on next to share their perspectives.

Get the Support You Need

Don’t expect to run a seamless, large-scale webcast singlehandedly, however. Just as you don’t organize a 50,000-person live event on your own, make sure you look for a company with vast experience producing online events and the staff to create an operator-assisted webcast. Your marketing and events team should then be free to focus on the content while your virtual event software provider makes sure an event of the highest audio and video quality, with pre-event training and live support throughout the event occurs.

Looking ahead to the future of virtual events, we understand the technology and infrastructure are available today to produce events of 50,000 or more people that are as effective and engaging as any large physical event can be.

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