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Say It Better Through Screen Sharing

Posted by on May 13, 2020 9:37 am

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Picture this scenario: you’re getting comfortable with a new digital tool. You’ve installed the application, adjusted with your settings, and done the default on-boarding tutorial. Still, you run into something that’s not intuitive for you and need some help to keep things moving.

What Would Your Preference Be?

  1. Sift through often-outdated documentation and tutorials looking for the right answer to your problem.
  2. Jump on a quick screen-sharing session with a customer service representative.

Chances are, you’d prefer option two. If you work in the SaaS industry, chances are your customers would prefer it, too. Yet, SaaS companies continue to spend valuable employee time creating long-form help documents that are no longer 100% accurate after only a few months.

Not only does this approach cause excessive re-work, it can also block continuous improvement.

A Fresh Approach to Screen Sharing

In 2020, leaders should “think different.” Try encouraging customer service teams to embrace screen sharing and incorporate it into their workflow. At first, it may not seem more efficient, but the saved time absolutely adds up. Screen sharing is often much faster than trying to talk through a problem over the phone. It’s more personal and more effective than presenting all customers with the same faceless instructions.

Customer Success Is Your Success

Typically, many customers try to resolve issues by themselves at first, and they many times are successful. But when they’re not, think of how relieved and thankful they would be to talk to a real person and see the problem solved on screen before their eyes. This builds immense loyalty.

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