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The Hidden Cost of Communication Barriers

Posted by on May 11, 2020 7:43 am

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Sometimes, the best effort to be more productive just winds up producing inefficient communication. We’re talking about excessive email back-and-forth, and having to jump between several communication tools rather than an all-encompassing solution.

Numerous studies have researched the mostly-preventable price tag of inefficient communication, including the business intelligence firm SIS International Research. Building on the key takeaways from that research, here’s a look at how poor use of communication tools is impacting your company.

Inefficient Communication Totals More Than $500k Annually

An in-depth study across eight industries in eight different countries, SIS found that the average small business employee wastes 17.5 hours per week due to communications barriers. That’s nearly 40% of the work week!

Respondents reported experiencing preventable communications barriers, including:

  • Collaboration tool inefficiencies: Each person wasted an estimated 165 hours per year ($6,105) “attempting to address issues of inaccessibility, or other communication-tool based lack of full collaboration with colleagues.”
  • Waiting for information: Each person wasted an estimated 175 hours per year ($6,475) “waiting for information from others that they have attempted to reach live multiple times using multiple methods.”
  • Inefficient coordination: Each person wasted an estimated 185 hours per year ($6,845) “attempting to coordinate communications between team members.”
  • If everyone uses the same tool, they are equipped to collaborate at the touch of a button no matter where they are.
  • Information comes much more quickly when teams have a single, centralized source for their work.
  • Inefficient meeting time coordination is eliminated when your communication platform automates meeting alerts and integrates with Outlook.

For a mid-sized business with about 100 employees, the estimated cost is $524,569 per year—and that’s assuming only 20% of their employees identify with these challenges! If half of your employees experience similar barriers, the impact could reach as high as a million dollars.

Good News: It Can Be Prevented

For most businesses, solutions can be easily implemented. Transitioning to unified communications as a service (UCaaS) for an all-in-one communications platform can dramatically reduce collaboration inefficiency.

Learn how GlobalMeet Collaboration [link to GlobalMeet page on your website] can help your company save thousands of hours in wasted communications time.


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