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Video Conferencing for SMBs

Posted by on August 25, 2020 9:15 am

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With most employees working from home for the foreseeable future, small businesses – just like their larger counterparts – must have a preferred video conferencing tool to communicate with their teams, clients, and vendors.

Fortunately, video conferencing tools provide businesses of all sizes with various advantages. Read on for some of the benefits small businesses can expect to experience when leveraging a video conferencing solution.

1. Seamless Communication

Emails, conference calls, project management notifications, and other forms of communication can bottleneck projects. With a video conferencing tool, SMBs can easily update team members on the status of a task or project and accomplish goals faster with seamless video communication.

2. Little Onboarding

Video conferencing software is incredibly easy to use. Compared to other SMB tools, your employees will quickly understand how to properly use the video conferencing tool for their internal and external work needs.

For example, video conferencing tools allow employees to:

  • Schedule internal meetings
  • Communicate with clients and vendors across the world without traveling
  • Speak with teammates about projects and initiatives, regardless of location
  • And so much more.

3. Decreased Costs

Businesses are always looking for strategic ways to reduce costs – especially SMBs. Video conferencing has been proven to reduce small businesses’ travel costs by up to 30%. And, with the rise in telecommuting, small businesses can save more on office overhead expenses. The same study found that businesses can save approximately $11,000 per employee by using video conferencing software.

4. Increased Productivity

Small business video conferencing software enables remote workers to be more productive throughout the day. In fact, 43% of remote workers using video conferencing believe it enhances their productivity. How? Rather than spending the day attempting to get answers via text, email, chat, or business systems, employees can have their questions answered instantly in a video conference.

5. Engaged Employees

Whether your business operates a partially- or fully-remote team, video conferencing tools let employees engage with coworkers throughout the day. Since remote work can be isolating, this face-to-face interaction boosts employee morale, leading to a more productive and enthusiastic team.

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Video conferencing tools provide businesses of all sizes with many advantages. Here are a few of the benefits small businesses can experience when leveraging a video conferencing solution: [link to partner blog] #PGiPartners #GlobalMeet


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