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What You Need to Know Before Your Next High-Profile Product Launch

Posted by on June 10, 2021 11:01 am

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Not too long ago, product launches used to be a big, in-person event. When Apple announced the iPhone, or giants like Salesforce hosted massive tech conferences, or even when Nike created pop-up stores for new shoe lines, physical events were just the way you launched a product.

Brands used to spare no cost for these events, as well. Today, however, between the global pandemic to technology access, product launches have redirected to account for a virtual and global audience.

Here is what you need to know if your team is on track to launch a brand-new product virtually:

Make Sure to Have a Trusted Webcast Platform

Providing a seamless launch experience for both your internal teams and global audience is always the goal of any event. In the virtual world, this all starts and ends by leveraging a webcasting platform you can rely on to:

  • Leverage Operator Assisted services to guarantee a great connection and troubleshooting options
  • Provide a fail-safe connection throughout the virtual event
  • Offer secure features such as password protection and login authentication

You would hate for your presentation to be stalled by a technology issue or lose the connection right as you’re leading up to the big product reveal.

Make sure to start your product launch strategy by finding the right webcasting tools for your team.

Utilize Highly Visual Content

When customers cannot feel or see feel your product in person, you need to do your best to replicate the experience for them virtually. Highly visual content comes into play in this scenario.

Media like interactive presentations, product videos, and graphics create a feel for the product in that consumers can engage with while still sitting on their couch at home.

You can also use these visual content pieces to promote your product online. This way everyone wins!

Create Interactive Moments

Brand supports are looking for ways to interact with your product launch. Webcasting tools, fortunately, offer a large assortment of engaging options like:

  • Q&A features
  • Chat boxes
  • Polling
  • Breakout rooms for individual discussions and activities

Does your product launch audience consist of influencers, journalists, and other notable individuals? Then send them a free trial or a sample after the launch, allowing them to take their virtual experience with the product out into the real world!

Remember to Ask for Feedback

The most vital part of a virtual product launch happens after your online event is completed.

Post-event surveys can help your team learn what customers thought of your presentation, your product, and the overall experience. This feedback should guide future product launches and company decisions.

If you’re ready to launch your newest product or service via webcast, we are here to help!

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