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Why Recording Online Meetings Should Be the Norm

Posted by on May 11, 2020 7:43 am

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There’s a popular debate about whether leaders should encourage employees to record online meetings. We know which side of that debate we’re on. Our stance is that not only should it be allowed, it should be encouraged!

At PGi, it is now standard practice to record online meetings and it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made. Here’s why:

Secured Attention

Total focus and attention is a precious resource and in today’s uber-distracting world, it is often rare. While it’s not possible to eliminate every distraction, we’ve found that by recording online meetings, team members feel less pressure to take notes.

Taking notes makes it difficult to staying relevant in the conversation. If team members aren’t worried about forgetting something important, they’re often more fully present. This makes for more productive meetings.

Less Repeating

Storing meeting recordings in a centrally-accessible location allows attendees to access recordings by simply providing a link instead of emailing a large file. Then, everyone—whether or not they attended that particular meeting—can brush up on important information without having to ask team members to clarify or repeat themselves.

More Flexible Scheduling

It’s just not possible to attend every meeting sometimes. Recording online meetings can help combat busy calendars.

Especially with a large group, finding a time that works for everyone is nearly impossible these days. With a recorded meeting, you can share the recordings with individuals who couldn’t make it due to scheduling conflicts.

If there’s a particular section of the meeting that’s relevant to someone who wasn’t there, the team can always direct the person to that time without having to debrief each person separately.

Enhanced Employee Performance

When people know that they’re being recorded, they often take the opportunity to say things that are indeed worth recording. Employees tend to give clearer and more useful explanations that can even become impromptu training material. People also tend to bring better ideas to the table.

Peaceful Resolution of Conflict

It’s simpler to resolve confusion or conflict related to a meeting when there’s an objective point of reference for what was covered.

Recorded meetings allow attendees to view the meeting recording for clarification. Providing the recording after a meeting also helps increase transparency and keep everyone on the same page.

Through routinely recording online meetings, these benefits begin to take effect organically. We believe most companies can realize these great benefits by taking the same approach! Always remember to be transparent about recording meetings, because some countries and states have certain laws that govern the legality of recording people’s faces and voices.

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Recording online meetings isn’t as strange as it sounds. In fact, it has several hidden benefits! See why you should consider implementing recorded meetings: [link to partner blog] #PGiPartners #GlobalMeet #LiveYourBestWorkLife


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